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First Official Captain America Movie Poster Looks About Right

The first official Captain America movie poster is now online. It references the iconic Captain America cover image, which I posted below the movie poster.

The movie poster looks good. A little grittier than what I imagine Captain America but I blame the Dark Knight movie posters. They really sparked a trend in having debris flying around in movie posters.

Click the post image to enlarge
Captain America Movie Poster

original captain america poster

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Hal Jordan, What Are You Doing With That Ring?

Apparently things get a little freaky around Wondercon, the brother/sister con to the San Diego Comic-Con. Damn, now I might just have to start going!

Green Lantern & Poison Ivy Cosplay

Photography by Roxanna Meta

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Galactus Is In Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Man, I really want to get Marvel Vs Capcom 3, it looks awesome. Problem is, I am not a competitive gamer, and this game really should be played competitively among friends or via online system match. Such a conflict.

I am happy to see Marvel’s Galactus make an appearance. His size and fighting style remind me of Apocalypse from X-Men vs. Street Fighter. Take notice of the badass background in the video before Galactus enters the fight. Check out the video below.

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2 New Awesome Photos From Jay Tablante, Rogue & Poison Ivy

We previously featured photographer, Jay Tablante, in our photographer spotlight (click here to view it). Jay just posted two more amazing cosplay / comic homage photos in his portfolio. Check em out. Click the images below to enlarge.

Rogue By Jay TablantePoison Ivy By Jay Tablante

Click here to see Jay’s photography portfolio.

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Web Comic: Tactics

nedroid baby find bin laden

Source: nedroid.com

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Marvel Super Heroes Are So Lazy

Always sleeping on the job! Click the image to enlarge.

Photo by BelleChere.

Lazy Marvel Super Heroes

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Batman Short Film: The Rat

And here is ANOTHER short film! Man, I have never seen so many great short films in one week. I am not sure if this one is actually an official DC short film, but the DC films logo is used, so who knows. There is no note of the video on the official DC Comics website. Maybe this is what they consider “viral” marketing. Ooooo. The word viral gives me chills. Oooo, I did it again. Viral…

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Lazy Teenage Superheroes

If teenagers, or adults for the matter, actually had super powers, this would probably be closer to reality than what comics and movies would have us believe.

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X-Men: First Class Movie Poster Is So Smooth

I think I am gushing over this movie poster more than I should be, but I can’t help it. It’s so classy. So smooth. I want the doors of my office to be outfitted with the texture of this poster.

X-Men: First Class Teaser Poster

Check out the movie stills and cast line up I posted over at Movie Trailer Hub.

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The Joker, Criminal Mastermind, Report Card Stealer

joker takes report card

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How To Eat Ramen Like A Boss

How To Eat Ramen Like A Boss

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