Google Theft Auto IV

Need to find the nearest Cluckin’ Bell? No problem. Google Maps will get you there. Now with street view.
In 300ft please turn right onto Topaz St.
Grand Theft Auto IV powered by Google Maps

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A mother f*cker of a toy phone

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WTF: Girl Plays With Dead Squirrel

What the hell are these people doing letting this girl play with a dead fucking squirrel???

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WTF: Adult Baby

Just watch this whole thing please.

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Mutant Abilities: Mad Frisbee Skillz

How does one find the time to hone his or here Frisbee throwing skills? I guess it just comes naturally to some people. I WANT TO BE GOOD AT THROWING STUFF! *hurmph!* But you know what… if I had to pick a cool skill that involves throwing stuff, I would want to be an expert card thrower. Like Gambit from X-Men. I’ll take the kinetic energy charge power too.

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Do Want: Apartment With Secret Built In Furniture

I need to keep these kinds of apartment ideas in mind. I plan on living all across the world someday, and I need a few small apartments across the globe that are easy enough to manage. An apartment like this would work nicely for a future nomad like myself. Ok, back to making the dream happen!

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Tekken: Blood Vengeance Movie Trailer

Oh snap! A new Tekken movie (based off the popular Tekken video game franchise) is coming out and it actually looks good! Granted, it’s not live action and looks as silly as the video games do, but that is what I really want from a Tekken movie. Awesome action, ridiculous plot lines, and flying pandas…

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Photo Of The Day: Rainbow And Bridalveil Falls

Photography by Ting Chiang. View artist portfolio by clicking here.

Rainbow And Bridalveil Falls

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Art: Portal Meets Steampunk

I have a confession. I haven’t played Portal 2 yet :( . I really want to! I have just been too busy. And now the game has been out for almost a month and fans are already creating tons of fan-art. Some of which are REALLY good. Like the two photos below, by artist Risachantag, which mixes classic steam punk with Portal. Brilliant!

Steampunk Portal

Steampunk Portal

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Google Introduces ‘Music BETA’

Google just announced their new Music Beta web application that basically allows you to upload music and play it from your browser or android phone / tablet device over THE CLOUD (I hate saying that). I highly doubt this will happen, but if Apple allows the service on the iPhone, I might have to forget about Grooveshark. *gasp*.

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New Real Steel Trailer

This new Real Steel trailer gives us a much more in-depth look at the film’s plot and characters. This movie has since made it to my radar and will probably get me into the theater.

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